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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Connected by a dynamic mission to create the future, a global network of visionaries & organizations utilize coaching to accelerate results, sustain elevated levels of executive leadership, and surpass plateaus.

As a professional resource, Executive & Leadership Coaching supports high performers to develop leadership techniques that augment organizational health and sustainability. The targeted modalities of coaching support you to achieve a profound understanding of your unique leadership style and your process for creating results. From that foundation, you will also master negotiation & conflict resolution, and learn how to leverage time.  Committed to achieving results and deepening awareness, high performers excel by holistically investing in their  professional and personal growth.

About Me

Nephi’s coaching philosophy is centered on a results-oriented ethos & an integral commitment to the authentic self, which has supported his clients to launch businesses, mount operas, write best-selling books, win the Peabody Award, create award-winning films and music, grow tech-giants, and raise millions of dollars for worthy causes. Based out of New York City, Nephi is active in the arts, the LGBTQ community, & pro bono work to support nonprofits.



1-on-1 Coaching

In 1-1 coaching, we will work together in private sessions to clarify the outcomes you are looking to create, establish a process to achieve it, and manage your progress toward achieving accelerated results. In a dynamic partnership, our work together will be confidential, vulnerable, radically honest, celebratory, boundary-pushing, & sincere. Beyond my ongoing coaching engagements, I am also accepting single session appointments to solve high-stake conflicts, challenges, and issues at the executive level.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching consists of an intimate cohort of high-level professionals who have a shared objective to develop team dynamics and diversify their professional networks. Groups are an exceptional resource for professionals to establish valuable contacts and partnerships with other leaders who are creating the future across industries. Please inquire for details about upcoming group opportunities & virtual workshops.

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Corporate Coaching & Training

Corporate coaching supports a strong culture in growth-oriented leadership that breathes adaptability. In organizations with a strong culture, highly motivated people have a sense of being supported by their work and a strong connection to their purpose. These companies demonstrate exceptional levels of trust, agility, and performance from times of business as usual through crises. Corporate leadership coaching focuses on increasing your bottom line through creating a culture of trust, purpose, and growth. 

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Jeffrey Nolte 
CEO & Founder, Nolte. 

“Coaching has helped Nolte achieve a new level of financial stability & create a company culture of leadership.” 

Since I’ve founded Nolte in 2006, I always had a vision of what the business could become but in reality I didn’t have the support or understanding on how to get there. I can say with confidence my business today is the one I’ve imagined it to be over 10 years ago. Nephi has helped to greatly accelerate the process for us through our 1-1 coaching and that of several members of our leadership team. Coaching has thoughtfully challenged our leadership team to make more effective decisions, which has helped us achieve a new level of financial stability, increase our client retention, & embed leadership into our company culture. Beyond the tangible impacts on the company, the greatest asset I have gained in the coaching process is perspective. I learned how to zoom out for a strategic perspective on the company, which has strengthened my relationships & increased my accountability within the company.

Oona Chatterjee
Chief of Base-Building, Center for Popular Democracy 

“I developed an understanding of my unique approach to conquering problems.” 

The Center for Popular Democracy works with 53 organizations and 34 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, all of whom strive diligently to make progressive change at a local, state, and national level. Nephi should be known as someone who has helped us get as far as we have—I believe he has helped us accomplish things that never would have been otherwise possible. I recommend other social justice leaders take the time to get to know Nephi. He is a very skilled, capable, fun and generative coach. Nephi’s work has not only paid off for my organization, it has also paid off for me personally. In a gentle, funny and friendly, grounded and smart way, Nephi opened me up to crossing over barriers I had unknowingly created. I was able to move through big challenges by believing in myself and understanding my own approach to conquering problems. Me, my family, and my organization are stronger because of him.

Kevin Courtney
Founder, INSIGHT

“My level of clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness has skyrocketed.” 

My work with Nephi has enhanced my capacity to fulfill and accelerate my business goals. I have achieved the objectives I set to expand my business within my desired time frame, and our work together has fostered a sense of accomplishment, achievement, joy, and creativity. I feel like a finely tuned machine—I have increased my capacity to work while decreasing the amount of effort and stress. Through this process, I was able to alter my perceptions in a way that enabled me to create a tactical, practical plan while retaining creative power and fluidity. Nephi bridges the space between reason, logic, intellect, emotional intelligence, and psychology. He was an ally for me to do for myself what I do for everyone else.

Sarah A. Abdallah
Founder & CEO, Functional Creative Design

“I quickly come up with workable solutions that address client needs without compromising the bottom line, and have established boundaries to operate a successful business.” 

I have gained a clear understanding of the ways in which our pasts are very much connected to how we communicate and do business in the present. As a business owner and a creative, finding ways to reframe and retrain the brain is an important way to separate emotion in order to assess the best creative solution, and move into a professional response. In our work together, Nephi is overly compassionate and thoughtful with his word choices because he recognizes that coming from diverse backgrounds, we all process information differently. His way of communicating allows you to open up, connect, and address the things that will truly impact your life and your business forever. You will get much more out of coaching than you ever anticipated—the work you will do with Nephi will propel you into a new level of consciousness.

Chris Donohoe
Founder, Uncommonly

“Nephi has helped me create paradigm shifts as a gay entrepreneur & leader.”

My work with Nephi supports me to show up authentically in the world. Nephi understands my core values around progressive leadership, queer leadership, and the way I seek to shift paradigms in corporate America about what it means to be a leader and a business person. Through this process, I have learned to be more open and flexible while trusting my own judgment. In my interactions with other business leaders and professionals, I remain grounded in partnership, yet invite those around me to step outside the status quo & push the boundaries. In addition to the business aspects, coaching also supported the transformation of my personal life & my personal relationships. Jump in. Just go for it, you will not be disappointed. He is a top-notch coach.

Adam Fenton
Co-Founder & COO, Nolte

“I focus on breakthroughs rather than incremental improvement.”

One big change that has emerged through coaching is my focus on breakthroughs rather than incremental improvement. For me, this is largely about giving myself permission to do something different and having the courage and tenacity to follow through. My 2019 way was to work in near isolation on new ideas, explain them to the team and then leave them largely to their own devices. Now I drive through the changes I believe in by working with the team to experiment with new ideas until they are ready to run with them. I’ve learned that a key principle of being a leader is creating other leaders. In order to grow as a leader myself I needed to give opportunities for my team to lead. Being a better leader means we produce better work, work I can be proud of. The team is happier, they are a team they can be proud of. Most importantly of all, I’m able to keep my work life within the boundaries it belongs—less working late or weekends, and less thinking about emails or problems in my leisure time, which means more quality time with my family.

Patrick Diamond
Founder, Director’s Collective & Professor, Yale University

“I have consistently worked on increasingly high profile, and creatively challenging projects.”

I have learned how to nurture my creative voice during a period full of obstacles. I apply this voice to every aspect of my life, and have enriched my relationships with coworkers and my family. I’m proud of the measurable increase I’ve experienced in my artistic and professional projects. I have consistently worked on increasingly high profile, and creatively challenging projects. In the beginning of my work with Nephi, it was challenging for me to alter my perspective of my own priorities—you have to be patient. There is no question that you must commit to the entire first year. All of this takes time. Without commitment, growth will be limited. I had no idea how far reaching Nephi’s holistic approach would be outside of work and family. He is an empathetic partner who helps me look after my spiritual and physical well-being.

Alejandra Santaolalla
Founder, Bold and Mighty Kids

“I am more bold and visible than ever before.” 

I am more bold and visible than ever before. I’ve done group coaching for almost two years because the support consistently leads me to greater success as a leader and business owner. Most recently, I was a finalist in Lyft’s pitch competition for entrepreneurs.

I am privileged to work with some incredible

companies who are creating the future.