Even though I am in the beginning stages of my work with Nephi, I continue to be impressed with his commitment to our work together and the enthusiasm and warmth with which he approaches it.  Moreover, I’ve quickly come to value his skill and perception in listening; he’s always on target and clear.  I learn something useful from every conversation, information that levels the roadblocks and old habits of mind that stand in the way.

Peter Krask


As an entrepreneur starting out in my own business, I needed another perspective to help me grow and choose how to prioritize. Nephi is the ideal partner because he is not heavily invested in my business, but in me and my needs.  I would spend my time cycling between periods of overwork and laziness, never really looking at the big picture. Nephi encouraged me to stop behaviors that didn’t work, try new ways of looking at the world, and most importantly, take care of myself.
Initially, I wondered if it was worth it to pay someone when I wasn’t even fully paying myself – but you get out of coaching what you put into it and Nephi is an amazing coach. Taking advantage of his skill, his patience, and his optimism is a choice.  When I made the choice to take full advantage of what Nephi was offering, both me and my business took leaps forward – he pays for himself!

Greer McPhaden


You might be skeptical of what a life coach does. I was extremely skeptical as well. But I have had an incredible, astonishing, soul-searching, and eventually game-changing experience working with Nephi.
I have learned about the ways I thought about myself as a victim without even realizing it. I stared down beliefs that were holding me back, and chose to believe differently. Those lessons, and several others, sound like platitudes when said aloud, but in that moment you learn them for yourself, about yourself, it can feel like they plunged out of thin air. It’s hard to put a value on what all those things mean to me now.


Daniel / NYC



Since beginning our weekly sessions together I have much more ease of focus in what I’m doing and creating. Nephi’s advice is practical and encouraging.  He constantly motivates me to take action in ways that set me up for success.  The calmness these calls provide me with is unparalleled.


Joe / New York City



I was initially hesitant to start life coaching, but after the introductory session with Nephi, I knew he would be great to work with. I was going through a period of transition, and Nephi really helped me find clarity around my goals and motivations. The work was not easy– Nephi has a gift for forcing you to really examine yourself– but it was ultimately very helpful, and something I could not have done alone. I continue to use the tools he showed me for mapping out goals, curbing procrastination, and confronting emotionally difficult situations. I am in my mid-20s, and I think of life coaching as an investment in my future that is already paying off.


Bethany / Washington D.C.



Nephi is an awesome person, who happens to be an awesome coach. He helps me help myself, and most importantly helps me frame my mindset differently in my approach to how I encounter my daily life. I would say he is hard to work with- in a really positive  way; because he pushes me to challenge myself as much as possible, while acknowledging and affirming me along the way. I trust him and would recommend him to anyone who wants to accomplish anything effectively  He is simply great.


Kevin / New York City



Finding someone to be your coach is much like any relationship. There needs to be mutual respect and understanding. Nephi brings it to every session.

His style is very warm and nurturing while at the same time insightful and unflappable.

He keeps the sessions focused and results oriented.

If you are undecided about coaching I highly recommend you speak with him to see if this would be the right path for you. If nothing else you will have met an amazing person.


Gus / New York City



Over the last 20 years, I’ve been making or producing culture at the intersection of the art world and other sectors. While I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish over these years, I cannot say that the intense labor I’ve contributed to the areas of my interests has provided a solid financial base for then proceeding to my next pursuits. Knowing that the work I do has a value in society, I am working with Nephi to learn from past professional patterns and make the nuanced changes to my personal and professional approaches to life and work.


Todd / São Paulo, Brazil