Nephi (prounounced Knee’-Fie), has spent his life reaching beyond the boundaries of what he knew to be possible. Raised in university towns in Utah and Tennessee, he set out on his own at the age of 17, he traveled South America and Europe for 7 years before making his home in New York City with his long time partner, Gideon.

He’s built his life, career, and two successful businesses on a core understanding: We are all capable of incredible, inspiring and unexpected things when they harness belief and determination.

As a goal and achievement coach, Nephi works with entrepreneurs, culture creators, creative professionals and working artists to wield their unique vision in crafting their voice, their work, their business and their life.

Nephi additionally works as an art and portrait photographer. He has worked professionally in 5 countries, had his work exhibited in Europe and the United States and currently develops books and exhibitions in New York.